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Boat Insurance

Having a boat can be an idyllic way to spend the lazy days of summer. Boaters should consider getting insurance if they want the fun of owning of a boat not to be burdened by worrying about accidents on the water. Boat insurance protects against liability and damage in the event of an accident.

Keep in mind that insurance covers different things and is tailored to the type of personal watercraft in possession. There is a wide range of boats available for coverage and you should have no problems finding a policy.

In general, you can expect insurance to cover some damage to your boat, liability coverage, to replace your boat if necessary, to cover medical payments if necessary, to cover salvage costs, and provide wreck removal. Insurance will also cover damage to another boat and damage to other property that was caused by your boat. You can also expect coverage for the bodily injury or death of another person.

Basic insurance policies will cover essential liability coverage but will not cover complete hull coverage. Under basic policies, the owner is responsible for boat repairs or to replace the boat completely in case of an accident. These policies will also protect owners against 3rd party claims and lawsuits and many will dispatch emergency assistance in the event of an accident.