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Accident Insurance

Accidents and injuries resulting from accidents can happen at anytime during a shift at work, so it is important to make sure that you have accident insurance coverage. Anything from a slip in the parking lot to straining your back while lifting heavy objects can leave you in pain, wondering how you will find relief.

What It Is And How It Relates to Workplace Benefits:

Insurance for accidents offered by employers in the workplace serves to make sure you do not have to stay in pain if you experience a workplace injury, resulting from a slip and fall, manual handling of objects, workplace accidents, electrical accidents, fires, chemical spills or anything else that can leave you impaired, unable to work or unable to enjoy everyday activities.

How It Works:

Coverage for insurance for accidents begins immediately upon issuance to remove any concern about your health and well being at work. If you do sustain an injury and need to make a claim, your benefits will go directly to you or to the beneficiary of your choice. With this type of insurance, you have coverage 24 hours, seven days a week, at the job and everywhere else. You will not suffer any penalties, regardless of the number of claims that you need to make, and you can transfer your insurance for accidents even if you change employers.

Different Types Of Coverage In Existence:

With this type of insurance, you can simply buy a plan for accidents or you can combine a plan that covers accidents and illness or accidents and disability for more protection.

Major Benefits:

The major benefits involved in this type of insurance include the cash payouts directly to you, the 24/7 coverage on and off the job, and your ownership of this policy, making it possible to take it with you to a new job, if you need to.