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By caro | May 8, 2024

Roberto M.

Speaking to Sam and Allison (who are real actual people) and them listening to my situation, they were very understanding and provided options for me to help me out with homeowner’s and car insurance. I appreciate the fact that Sam spoke to Allison as well and Allison reviewed my potential policies in more detail and found additional coverage and some savings that I wouldn’t have found by me trying to do this all online by myself. They made me feel comfortable enough that they didn’t make me feel like a sale…they weren’t pushy or rushed me at any time. For that I am very appreciative. We worked with each other as I provided them all the information I had so they could make a better, more informed decision for my situation. The bundle saved me a few extra dollars as well that will help go towards other things in my budget. Sam and Allison both explained the beginning process, what they would do in the background to notify the mortgage company (for escrow purposes) and the e-signature process as well. It’s always refreshing to get to experience a different level of service and I’m glad I met Sam and Allison today.