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At Dusty Wallace Insurance, we’ve always believed that our responsibility doesn’t end with policies and claims; it extends to the heartbeats of our community. This is especially true when it comes to our youngest members, who rely on us for more than just insurance—they rely on us to be their advocates.

In our mission to drive positive change, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to partner with many organizations. This time around, our commitment to safeguarding our community’s future has led us to join forces with an organization making a profound difference: The Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas.

The Children’s Advocacy Center of North Texas echoes our own aspirations for our community. Their tireless work supports victims of child abuse, offering them a safe space to heal, grow, and find justice. The center’s dedication to restoring innocence lost and weaving a safety net for our children aligns perfectly with our vision.

Our vision at Dusty Wallace Insurance has always been to shine a light where it’s needed most. The children of our community, who represent hope, potential, and our collective future, deserve nothing but the best. Our partnership with The Children’s Advocacy Center of North Texas is a testament to this commitment.

We urge you, our valued readers and clients, to stand with us. For every individual referred to our agency’s current Community Cause campaign, we will contribute $10. Together, let’s protect our most vulnerable and pave the way for a brighter, safer future for them.

Step forward, spread the word, and let’s sculpt a brighter future for every child!

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