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What Our Customers Say

“I worked with Peyton Oxford and made me feel extremely comfortable and confident about my problem (that was the other drivers fault). I was guided through the whole thing and she was there for me every step! Thank you so much for everything! :)”

Ashley B.

“I have had nothing but the best experience possible. I am SO happy that I changed and I have already told friends and family about my experience. Thank you! :)”

Bryan S.

“The agents at the Dusty Wallace office were genuinely friendly and welcoming upon arrival. After the introductions, we began to discuss Life Insurance options. Boy, is there a ton of things to consider. They made the insurance options as clear as possible to this layman. They allowed me to leave without pushing me too hard to make a decision right there. That was nice. The follow-up call was about a week later. Again, not pushing, just asking where I was with the decision. Good, kind people, treating you as you would want.”

Christopher R.

“Though I moved to Missouri a few years ago, I needed some help with proof of insurance from 2008, when I was still in Texas. Your office went out of their way to help me find the documentation we needed, your representative was professional, sympathetic to our situation, and very helpful! As always, excellent service from your agency.”

Linda R.

“Appreciated the way your staff responded to my concerns after an exceptionally large towing bill, and then surprising me with full restitution vs what was originally expected. Appreciate their follow up.”

Ted B.